Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting
Many patients require bone grafting to have enough bone for dental implants.  There are many techniques as well as bone grafting material available.  However, the most desirable skill that transcends all bone grafting techniques is knowing what alternative technique to use, without bone grafting, that would allow the patient to have a successful treatment outcome.
Dr. Woo is able to perform bone grafting from the skull, jaws, hip, and lower leg; but he much prefer not to employ his skills with these procedures.  He understands that less is more with surgery.  In his opinion, bone grafting is not only adds cost and discomfort to patients, it also lessens the chance for a successful outcome compared to an implant without the need for bone grafting. 
He favors a graft-less approach whenever possible by using bone expansion, jaw ridge splitting, using alternative implant sites, condensing bone, angulating the implants, changing the path of the implant, or eliminating high-risk implant sites by treatment planning alternatives.  This is another area he will work closely with a patient’s restorative dentist to plan a graft-less alternative.  Often times the alternative is found only by using CT imaging to visualize the jaw anatomy, and CT is currently the best technology could offer in jaw bone imaging and implant planning.
Most importantly, successfully avoiding bone grafting is most often possible only if the surgeon uses CT guided surgery.
The All On 4tm  treatment approach combines many of the above elements for the ultimate benefit of the patient needing a full set of teeth to be replaced by dental implants.