Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Single Dental Implant Replacement at the time of Extraction of a Tooth
This is the most common single implant procedure Dr. Woo performs. Instead of waiting for a few months after a dental extraction for an implant, in most cases the implant could be placed immediately, saving time and eliminating additional surgery and healing.  Dr. Woo would guide a patient to determine if this is the preferred approach or delaying the placement of the implant for a few months after tooth extraction would be better in his/her case.

Front Tooth Implant Replacement
Front teeth are the most challenging due to the fact that they are in the esthetic zone when people smile.  Timing the tooth extraction, implant surgery timing, selection of shape and size of the implant, pre-surgical visualization of the jaw anatomy, understanding of prosthetic requirement, angulation and depth of placement, and spacing to neighboring teeth/implants are some of the critical issues for a successful outcome.

Dr. Woo has extensive experience with front tooth implants, and sometimes his solution is not to place an implant at a particular location.  Knowing when not to do surgery is sometimes more important than knowing how to do surgery.

Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction
Full mouth reconstructions cases are challenging in many regards, and this area requires clinicians to be knowledgeable, experienced, versatile, and skillful.  Due to his long experience teaching residents in implant surgery, Dr. Woo has accumulated many complicated cases and treated many complications.  He also understands how to work well with the restorative doctor who is an essential part of the team that treats these difficult cases.

For most patients, Dr. Woo use the "less is more" treatment approach.  He likes to recommend treatment concepts that not only address a patient's immediate concerns, but also take into account the long term needs of the patient to minimize treatment cost, time, and procedures.  Please see the All On 4tm concept for an example.

More Information
Please click HERE for more information on dental implants at the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons website.