Guided Surgery

CT Guided Implant Planning and Treatment

Our office and referral doctors are in the cutting edge of implant therapy. In combination with our technological capability, we are able to utilize the latest in treatment approaches. We treatment plan with the most detailed images of the patients' anatomy using in-office CT imaging, plan the treatment approach using computer planning software, and use computer-aided manufacturing technology to fabricate the implant surgical guild and prosthesis. These approaches using CT guidance result in less pain, time, and expenses for our patients and help to increase the safety of treatment.

Some doctors do not have a CT machine in their offices and may criticize the use of CT for many cases, and even some of our patients initially question the value of CT for dental implant treatment. One concern is the added cost of the scan. In this regard, Dr. Woo likes to respond by pointing out that this is consistent with his "less is more" approach; by using the best technology could offer, a patient potentially could be saved from some avoidable bone grafting procedures, surgical and prosthetic complications, and the pain and cost associated with these. No one could guarantee results in health care, and implant treatments are complicated. Why not simplify things and avoid as much complications as possible with the best technology? The minimal initial cost of the scan potentially saves much more in cost in the long term.