Post Surgery


Post Surgical Instructions
Post surgical care instructions for all oral surgical procedures are very similar to that for extraction of teeth, with some additional points to know for particular procedures as noted below.

Click HERE for the long version of Post Surgical Instructions for Dental Extractions

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After Dental Implant Surgery
Taking care of your self after dental implant surgery is similar to that after tooth extraction (see instructions contained in the links above).  Particular issues with dental implant surgery after-care are the following:

1.  Avoid chewing on or placing a removable dental appliance on the site of surgery

2.  Avoid using mouth rinses that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide
3.  Avoid tooth paste that contain whitening agents
4.  Clean any exposed implant component with a soft toothbrush or cotton-tipped applicator with a light amount of force
5.  After complete healing of the gum, consider using a water jet device (i.e. Waterpik®) to clean your teeth and/or dental crowns and bridges

Please discuss with Dr. Woo any concern you may have.

After Surgery involving the Sinuses 

If you were informed that the sinus was involved in the surgery, follow the instructions below.  In addition, see instructions contained in the links above for dental extractions.

1.  Avoid blowing your nose
2.  If you have to sneeze, do so with your mouth open
3.  If your nose or sinus is congested, call our office and consider taking an over-the-counter sinus decongestant